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Over the years, we have spent time deeply immersed in the disability insurance industry. Hearing about the challenges of both insurance companies and claimants, we continue to see opportunities to solve problems and new ways to drive innovation using technology. Lucens Group was born from this collaborative approach of exploring and learning how we can help all parties find mutually beneficial solutions.

Considering the many challenges both companies and claimants face when it comes to disability claims, benefits, and settlement options, we asked ourselves, “How can we help make sure claimants are receiving the correct monthly long-term disability benefits?” and “How can we make it easier to settle a disability claim?” It can be stressful, time-consuming, and unclear for the claimant and a labor-intensive process for the insurance company to answer these questions. We were moved by the personal stories we heard and set out to create simplified, transparent services that apply innovative new technologies to optimize the process.


We believe our industry is ripe for change, which is why our goal is to deliver solutions that benefit both disability insurance companies and claimants. As catalysts for what’s next in our industry, we set out to create products and services that are unique to the marketplace and helpful for everyone involved in the process.

Our team of claimant advocates, attorneys, and experienced insurance executives has a passion for building a better way to understand benefit options and creating a more transparent way to make benefit decisions. We spend time listening to our partners and claimants and our products and services continually evolve based on their feedback.

We set the bar high and believe that with the right collaboration, innovation, and understanding, we can deliver new solutions to both insurance companies and claimants to achieve clarity for everyone involved.

Today’s rapid pace of technology creates exciting new ways to leverage online, digital, and mobile channels to improve processes, create efficiencies and open new dialogues with claimants. As an InsurTech company, Lucens Group is on the cutting edge of using technology to create solutions that work for everyone.  Often challenged with legacy systems, limited data analytics, and strained resources, insurance companies have not had the time or infrastructure to focus on new ways to settle claims or validate benefits. It has also been challenging for these companies to talk to their claimants and explore settlement or validation options in a non-biased way that can work for both parties. On the other hand, claimants were challenged with the process, which could sometimes feel impersonal and disconnected, and they were missing a productive way to work with their insurance company to understand more about their benefit options.

We work closely with each insurance company, bringing state-of-the-art technology, automation, and data to the table. Combined with our excellent customer service and user-friendly online, mobile, and offline solutions, we create new ways to communicate with claimants. Our partners are open to new ways of doing things and are ready to create a new dialogue with their claimants.

Each claimant benefits from this new way of doing business. We offer personal service to all claimants via mail, phone, email, and live-chat to create trusted relationships with each individual. Our goal is to provide the best service and experience so each person can make the most informed decision possible.

Our technology solutions make it easy for everyone involved. By automating many of the processes, we are able to give claimants access to new information quickly and to help insurance companies make their interactions with claimants more efficient. When we engage with our insurance company partners, the goal is to take on the heavy lifting. Our proven solutions streamline the process for partners, making it as efficient as possible to get started, and simplify the process for claimants, guiding them through the steps in an easy, user-friendly way.

Lucens Group partners have access to a customized portal where they can view specific account details and we tailor our streamlined approach to meet each partner’s specific needs.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of confidentiality and protect all partner and claimant information by maintaining the highest privacy standards in the industry.

Lucens Group is lighting the path for disability insurance innovation, helping both insurance companies and claimants.



We create communities that empower claim decisions. We are immersed in helping partners across all aspects of the claim process. By constantly listening and learning, together we discover new ways to deliver meaningful solutions to our community.



We earn the trust of our community by bringing openness and transparency to every interaction. We value honesty and provide clarity, simplicity and guidance, making what can sometimes be a confusing and difficult process, a positive experience for everyone. 



We empower our employees to make a difference by participating in conversations, leading change and solving problems. We encourage our customers and partners to think differently about insurance solutions, by delivering new levels of value through internal efficiencies and external experiences. 



We constantly challenge ourselves to think outside the box. We strive for new ways to improve the experiences, technology, products, services and processes we deliver. Our customers experience our creativity through each interaction and we bring new ideas to the table while always embracing feedback, leading to innovative solutions for our community.