Inaccurate disability insurance payments can create challenges for everyone involved. With the Lucens Group Benefit Validation service, both insurance companies and claimants benefit from knowing that the Social Security offset is accurate.

As an approved Social Security Administration (SSA) vendor, we help insurance companies validate current benefits being paid by working with claimants to gather the necessary authorization and then work with the SSA to obtain the Social Security benefit information. The process is streamlined and we are able to gather the data quickly, providing results for insurance companies.

For the claimant, we are able to ensure that their Social Security offset is accurate, avoiding any future underpayments or overpayments that could result in the need to reimburse or additional losses. Lucens Group brings clarity to the process for everyone involved.

We sometimes receive questions about how Benefit Validation works and why we are asking for certain information from claimants. We put together a short FAQ to answer some of those questions and provide additional information.

Who is Lucens Group?

Lucens Group is an independent company that partners with disability insurance companies to offer benefit validation services. As part of this service, we will help the insurance company conduct a routine review to validate the status of Social Security benefits. We are an approved Social Security Administration vendor and all claimant information is kept strictly confidential.

What information does Lucens Group need in order to conduct the benefit review?

Lucens Group works with the disability insurance company and sends their claimants a letter with information about the request and the documentation required in order to validate benefits. With the letter, we send a pre-printed Authorization for the Social Security Administration to Release Information form. The claimant simply needs to sign and date that form and return it to Lucens Group.

What is the Social Security Administration information used for?

The information that we obtain will be utilized by the insurance company to ensure that benefits are calculated and paid correctly. The report is a way to verify the benefit awards that the claimant may or may not be receiving through the SSA. We share that information with the disability insurance company to confirm that benefits are accurate and that there is no future over or underpayment situation.

If you received a letter from us and would like help, simply call us at 844-232-5580, or email us at

Often times, a settlement is in the best interest of both the insurance company and the claimant. Though, until now, it has been cumbersome to offer and administer for many insurance companies.

Our innovative, user-friendly process makes it easy for both the insurance company and the claimant. We work closely with the insurance company to gather the necessary claim data and then leverage our process to begin outreach to each claimant. We have built our workflows to optimize technology where possible and balance it with human interaction and support through phone, live-chat, and email channels.

As a neutral, independent company, claimants feel confident that we have their best interests in mind and we can empower them to make the best decision possible based on their personal and financial goals.

For the insurance company, we can help eliminate backlogs, and provide time and cost-savings through a streamlined approach. For claimants, we provide a neutral and secure environment to learn about their settlement options and we provide the personalized online and offline support to help them make an informed decision. Our dedicated settlement facilitation experience includes a robust, customer-friendly website. Claimants are directed here through their initial communications and the process is enriched with hands-on customer service when the claimant needs support. You can learn more about our Settlement Facilitation experience by visiting